As a life long learner, I am committed to educating myself continuously and continually. It is not just a commitment to learning new subjects but also a commitment to creating and producing new materials that are useful and relevant for my clients.

It is with great honor to announce that I have been accredited by Rotterdam School of Management as a Positive Change Ambassador – to achieve this, I followed their program “Driving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals”, and after completing this 7-week MOOC with a total workload of 15 hours, I am well-equipped with profound knowledge of the 17 SDGs. I understands how businesses and companies contribute towards and mitigate their impact on the SDGs, can consider their synergies, trade-offs, and interconnectedness, critically evaluate proposed ‘easy’ solutions and gained awareness how each individual can contribute towards positive change.

With this great honor, I believe, comes a great responsibility as well: with this knowledge, I know very well how the actions of my clients impact our environment and how we can contribute collectively to mitigating our impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. I take it as my responsibility to work with organizations and companies who consciously make a choice to be an ambassador of positive impact. This is quite in line with my personal and professional core value of integrity: not just doing the right thing, but doing things right!

I choose to work with limited number of clients per year based on my selection criteria that is influenced by this core value. That’s how I bring about the change for which I strive.

What are your personal and professional values? What responsibilities do you take on for achieving Sustainable Development Goals?

I was quite humbled by the reaction of my network when I announced this on my LinkedIn profile. Thank you for your support.