Beside ad-hoc and short-term solutions to overcome fundraising needs, having a long-term plan and strategy is a must-have for all NGOs, educational institutions, social enterprises and startups. Your Funding Network supports a wide range of organizations in setting up their own fundraising and development office to ensure a sufficient and sustainable stream of funds for their activities and projects. We provide more than just short-term solutions, and we help you to build the capacity to develop a long-term strategy and plan which eventually makes you independent from governments or special interest groups that may not fully support all of your goals.

We follow the methodology of Linda Lysakowsky throughout all our services and trainings. In her book “Fundraising for the GENIUS”, Linda divides fundraising activities in 6 chapters:

  1. What is Fundraising and Why is it important?
  2. Whose responsibility is Fundraising?
  3. Where do we find money?
  4. What do we need in place before we can effectively raise funds?
  5. What methods are used in fundraising?
  6. Taking it to the Next Level

We categorize various sources of funding in four main groups, namely, Institutions, Foundations, Companies and Individuals. While compiling your Funding Report, for instance, we provide a combination of these sources. We basically prevent you from putting all your eggs in one basket!
The most comprehensive long-term service that we offer is our Fundraising Strategic Scheme which in essence, creates and puts together your Strategic Organizational Planning and your Development Plan of your organization together and which can be presented as a “package” to prospective donors or other interested parties.
The Fundraising Strategy Scheme has the following structure:

  1. Executive Summary contains synopsis of the detailed information included in the scheme, starting out with an overview of the organization and its work, funding needs (as stated in the Strategic Plan), goals for raising money, and strategies to reach the goals (as stated in the Development Plan);
  2. Plan Overview begins by stating purpose of the document, clarify the mission and work of this project, the assumptions on which the plan was based (institutional audit), and other details that can impact the implementation of the scheme. It also includes the results of the organization’s most recent SWOT analysis, which is a listing of relevant internal strengths and weaknesses along with recognition of external opportunities and threats;
  3. Funding Details outlines the information about where this project has obtained funds in the past (institutional audit) along with current funding needs. Annual Plan for prospective donors and Budgeting for development, areas of responsibility from the Development Plan are included in this section. Moreover the techniques used to achieve the total amount set for the organization are mentioned in this section;
  4. Implementation and Development Calendar specifies the process by which the plan is implemented. The developed annual plan will be “back-dated” to create realistic and achievable deadlines per proposal/grant or any other fundraising activity outlined in the Development Plan. The human resources and infrastructure required for implementing the plan is also outlined in this section;
  5. Plan Management includes details about the identification of funding sources, assignments of responsibilities, reporting structure, and other details relevant to managing progress toward accomplishment of our fundraising goals and objectives;
  6. The Next Level contains a narrative overview of what has been decided in the plan and what accomplishing the stated goals will mean for the organization.

If you already have a Strategic Organizational Planning (which is the roadmap of your organization covering the following subjects: a. SWOT Analysis b. Environmental Scan c. Mission/Vision/Values d. Strategies and Methodologies e. M&E), then you can directly acquire our services in creating your Development Plan which includes the following subjects: a. (Annual) Plan for prospective donors b. Human Resources/Infrastructure /Fundraising Methods c. Public Relations Strategy to create awareness d. Budgeting for development, areas of responsibility e. Timeline.


Your Funding Network offers services for any organization at any stage or requirement, but in order to get the full benefit of our services, we would like to engage in a longer-term collaboration.

Our services are offered through a tiered approach. The tiers range from short-term outcomes, e.g. The one-page funding report (Tier 1) or one-off proposals (Tier 2) to long-term outcomes, e.g. Strategic Planning (Tier 3) or Training ( Tier 4).

All our communication starts with a 45-minutes free intake (by phone or Skype) to assess your individual needs.

Tier 1: Funding Report
Do you need help with getting a quick overview of your funding opportunities? We can provide you with a one-off, one page Funding Report detailing your best possible sources for funding. The report includes detailed contacts of top 5 sources of funding for your project. Another free 45-minutes 1:1 session is offered to go over the report and choose the best course of action.

Funding Report €845.- excluding VAT

Tier 2: One-OFF Proposals
Have you already found the source to which you want to submit your application and/or proposal? Are you looking for an experienced grant-writer? We know the tricks and have the creative skills to write you a grant/proposal that would stand out.

Concept Notes €1450.- excluding VAT
Full Proposals (non-EU/USAID) Starting at €3450.- excluding VAT
Full Proposals (EU/USAID) Starting at €5450.- excluding VAT

Tier 3: Long-Term Planning
We provide more than just short-term “one-off” solutions and services; our focus and emphasis is on building capacity to develop a strategy and plan that ensures the sustainability in the long-term. The plans and schemes that we offer cover at least the upcoming years of your organizations.

Fundraising Strategic Scheme Starting at €7450.- excluding VAT
Strategic Organizational Planning Starting at €4450.- excluding VAT
Development Plan Starting at €4450.- excluding VAT

We also offer our expertise in the field of Alumni Fundraising; in regard to our Alumni Fundraising services and trainings, beside combining Linda’s methods, we particularly benefit from the methods of Miles Stevenson – Director of Alumni and Donor Relations, the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Alumni 5-year Cultivation/Fundraising Plan €7450.- excluding VAT

Tier 4: Training
Sustainability of your work is our concern: fundrasing is an ongoing activity within your organization to ensure the continuous stream of funds for your programs. We believe in training, supporting and mentoring (at least) one staff member of your team to become a development and fundraising officer within your organization. We follow the methodology of Linda Lysakowsky for our trainings and provide mentorship after the training.

Training for 15 days spread over 3 months €9450.- excluding VAT

At Your Funding Network, we offer tailor-made fundraising services to meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners. We specifically offer our services as packages, as we understand our clients require transparency and fair pricing. Our team is experienced in being able to quickly understand your fundraising needs and to design a package best suited to meet your goals.

The below services are designed to give you the best chance of success with your fundraising initiatives. We, however, are not able to work with a “no cure, no pay” model as that system places all the risks of fundraising on our team. The commitments and the risks associated with fundraising ought to be shared fairly. We therefore have designed a fee structure that fairly shares the risks and benefits of our collaboration together.

Funding Report

Fundraising is often about matchmaking. Identifying the donors that are most likely to take an interest in your organization and projects is key.

A custom Funding Report includes:

  • Quick scan overview of your potential funding opportunities including institutional donors, foundations and potential business communities and individuals;
  • Delivered in a one-page, easy to digest format with contacts of the top 7 recommended sources of funding for your organization or project;
  • A 45 minute reflection and brainstorm session, 1:1 with a member of our team, to discuss the report and choose the best course of action for your organization.

Proposal Writing

Once you have identified your ideal source of funding, the next step is to create a concept note or proposal that highlights both your ability to deliver impact and to be a trusted and effective partner for your donor.

Our proposal writing services:

  • Are based upon years of experience with developing relationships and delivering well-thought out, inspiring, fundable proposals;
  • Match the ambitions of the organization to the tone and requirements of the potential donor;
  • Include all components of the proposal including executive summary, main proposal, budget line items, log frames, and fulfilled requirements of the donor.

Strategy Development

Aligning the organisational plan with your strategic fundraising goals can create the solid basis for long-term impact and the ability to deliver on broader strategic goals.

Our strategy development services:

  • Use Change Management methodologies to incorporate strategic and fundraising goals into day-to-day activities;
  • Support younger organisations to identify new sources of long-term funding and scale up;
  • Enable more mature organisations to push beyond plateaus and reach the next level of impact.
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Interim Fundraising Adviser/Officer

At Your Funding Network, we also offer support to organisations who temporarily need replacement for their current staff, either due to maternity leave, sickness or seasonality of workload.

We can either work on specific tasks and assignments that you would like to outsource, or we can agree on certain number of days to be spent with your team (at your office or remotely) during a period of time.

Like all our other services, this is a tailor-made service and we design it collectively that is beneficial for both parties. Reach out for further exploration.

I have had the pleasure of working with Somaye for two years in my capacity as Chair of the University College Alumni Association. Among many things, she has been a driving force behind the system of class- and regional representatives that the UCAA has set up, and has put in much effort to further strengthen the cooperation with the UCU alumni office. I have come to know Somaye as passionate, loyal, dedicated to her goals and ideals, and an inspiring person to work with
Claire Stramrood, MD, Ob/Gyn Resident (gynaecoloog in opleiding) & PhD candidate Ob/Gyn (November 2012)
I have very much enjoyed working with Somaye during the time we both served on the board of the University College Alumni Association. I’ve found her to be a very sociable, passionate and hard worker, who will often go above and beyond to reach the goals she’s set out to achieve. She would make a great addition to just about any team.
K. Coleman, Chair of University College Alumni Association (July 2011)

Somaye Dehban has been involved in Anglia Summer Activities for 5 years and has always supported the organization in a positive and professional way. First, she was a teacher assistant and a catering support, later she grew to a position of group teacher, then head teacher, taking full responsibility.
A. Augustijn, Director of Anglia Network Europe (July 2011)

…I am getting to know Somaye as a highly motivated student deeply committed to studies within Comparative Women’s Studies and especially to Muslim Feminist Approaches…Somaye has amazingly fast settled in within the networks of Gender Studies…she has been cooperating with colleagues of mine regarding websites and translations of Dutch family law. Moreover, Somaye has been part of the student organisation…she has within a short period of time become participant in most of what our rather generous program can offer in terms of lecture series and seminars…as we read her rather impressive file before accepting her to our program, we had no doubt that her ambitious reach will take her far. Somaye comes off as extremely organized, reliable, and studios. She is a well-rounded, sociable and highly motivated student with outstanding professional qualities. This is why I can highly recommend her to you.
C. Åsberg, Associate Professor, Dr. Linköping University, Sweden (February 2008)

…Somaye has demonstrated commitment and hard work in pursuing her research on CEDAW. In addition, she has been of great assistance to the UN Theme Group on Gender, the UNFPA focal point on gender, the UNFPA Representative and a local NGO working in the field on Gender Based Violence. She proved to be conscientious, thorough and dedicated person. Her education background, knowledge, skills and team spirit make her quite competent to serve as UN professional staff in the area of gender…
M. Abdel-Ahad, UNFPA Representative (January 2009)
Somaye had been cooperating with Radio Zamaneh as a freelance journalist/Radio broadcaster for years…Besides being a joy to work with, Somaye is a person who takes charge and is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Creativity, finding her way around, thinking out of the box are Somaye’s most valuable competencies. She is a reliable and committed employee. Her natural positive attitude and flexibility are a big asset of her. I highly recommend Somaye…she is a team player and would add value to any organization.
K.P. Aali Pour, On-line Marketing Manager and Radio Broadcaster (November 2010)