Assuming that a Civil Society Organization (CSO) has successfully measured their impact, then the next step for them could be (or perhaps should be) to upscale.

Upscaling in non-for-profit organizations is about increasing their social impact. To embark on this endeavor, a few preconditions must be in place which the most important one is organizational sustainability. And to achieve that, organizations need to arrange certain conditions among which are diversifying funding resources and increasing self-financing. In this Lunch & Learn session, Somaye Dehban – founder of Your Funding Network – walks us through the types of upscaling and elaborates on funding diversification and means of self-financing. This session is a build upon the previous session on fundraising titled “Fundraising Revisited – The hidden treasure(s) in our existing set up”; yet, if you have not attended that session, you can still benefit from the knowledge shared during this session. Throughout the session, there are opportunities for interaction, so bring along your questions.

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I had the pleasure to offer this online workshop to the members of The Hague Humanity Hub and it was received quite positively.
During this workshop, I presented my new methodology for Your Funding Network where I apply Change Management for anchoring the Sustainable Fundraising practices in the Organizational Culture of my clients and their local partners.

You can follow this LinkedIn post for more details and slides used.