Does this sound familiar?

  • A new opportunity presents itself and you need to move quickly to have the most impact
  • A donor will fund part of a given project, but requires additional matching-funds to move forward, so new sources of funding are required
  • Priorities and focus areas of a donor shifts, but your impact and outcomes are strong so you need to find new sources of funding to continue

Many organizations struggle with identifying new sources of funds that are a proper match for their work. This proves even more difficult when timelines are short.

A Funding Report is a short-term outcome service that enables you to move forward quickly with reliable and relevant information for your organization.

The base price for a Funding Report starts from €1,250.- excluding VAT.

A custom Funding Report includes:

  • Quick scan overview of your potential funding opportunities including institutional donors, individuals, and government sources
  • Delivered in a one-page, easy to digest format with contacts of the top 7 recommended sources of funding for your organization or project
  • A 45 minute reflection and brainstorm session, 1:1 with a member of our team, to discuss the report and choose the best course of action for your organization