2018 marks the 5th Anniversary of Your Funding Network – it’s a privilege to celebrate this milestone with the following announcement:

It is with great honor and pleasure to announce that Your Funding Network has been recognized as one of the partners of Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation. The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation is “comprised of governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses, and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands who develop innovative solutions to increase the impact and reduce the costs of humanitarian action”.

As a partner of the coalition, Your Funding Network has agreed to

  1. Express its support for the objective and guiding principles of the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI);
  2. Join as partner in the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation and supports its activities with specific knowledge, skills and/or other resources;
  3. Join DCHI innovation projects and bring forward projects that may contribute to the shared ambition.

To stand next to significant players such as War Child, The Hague Security Delta, Capgemini, Unilever, TU Delft University, UNICEF and Red Cross, to name a few, is a milestone achievement for Your Funding Network which started its work only in 2013. Throughout these years, Your Funding Network has worked with tens of NGOs and Start Ups and supported them in their path to financial sustainability.

Your Funding Network continues to provide tailor-made solutions to fundraising needs of NGOs and educational institutions as well as Social Enterprises and Startups. Your Funding Network is an independent and creative group that selects its clients based on its core values which are equality, inclusion and diversity.

Based on their projects, target audience and their network and prospective donors, Your Funding Network brings fresh insights to funding opportunities for its clients who pursue to have a social and environmental impact, where transparency and sustainability are cross-cutting matters. That’s why Your Funding Network is an organic partner of Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation.

Throughout this year Your Funding Network would offer special offers for its current and prospective clients – stay tuned to receive upcoming announcement – if you do want to be among the first who receive our special offers, please send an email to [email protected] and we will keep you posted.