The article by historian Tobias Stone titled “History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump” is among the very few worth-reading articles I have read more than once. It very eloquently elaborates on the historical circles through which the humanity passes.

The parallel observation for me is the close relation between “people” in the historical context and “organizations” in the partnership and development context- Stone says:

…but at the time people don’t realize they’re embarking on a route that will lead to a destruction period. They think they’re right, they’re cheered on by jeering angry mobs, their critics are mocked. This cycle … appears to be happening again. But as with before, most people cannot see it because:

  1. They are only looking at the present, not the past or future
  2. They are only looking immediately around them, not at how events connect globally
  3. Most people don’t read, think, challenge, or hear opposing views…

If we allow for a bit of generalization, Organizations also do not look at their past (what worked but equally important what did not work) or future (what would work and would not work) — they just look at their present, their status quo;

Organizations are only looking inwardly and plan their agenda based on what they want to do – they are not aware or even interested in how their activities and programs are connected globally and where it is possible to join forces;

and most of the Organizations are only interested in “like-minded” people, the ones who think and behave like them – they do not work with the ones who think differently. They are not aware of trends or future opportunities.

Obviously, there are pioneering organizations which truly think out of the box – over the last years, I have had the chance to observe the shift in the attitudes and approaches within various organizations in diverse contexts. There is definitely a change coming…