#6 Share Resources – Sharing is POWER

Through series of articles under the headline of We-Have-No-Money-To-Raise-Money, we followed the challenges of our heroin, Nicole, and how she applied Change Management to overcome these challenges and build an internal coalition with her board to effectively secure funding to aid educated refugees in Europe.   To complete her strategic approach to fundraising, Nicole has [...]

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#5 It’s ALL about the NETWORK!

Successful fundraising is often the product of effective networking. Ellen Bristol (the President of Bristol Strategy Group a partner of Your Funding Network) is my mentor and friend has a rich library of Best Practices For Effective Fundraising which you can access for free. In our article, "We Have No Money to Raise Money!" [...]

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#4 Low Hanging Fruit? Yes! AND Plant a TREE!

Have you heard of Willie Sutton? Apparently, he was an American infamous bank robber who robbed hundreds of banks in 1930s. Willie is reported to have had a “smart” answer when someone asked him, “Willie, why do you rob banks?” Although it is reportedly an urban legend, his now-famous answer was, “Because that’s where [...]

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#3 Engage Your Community – Engage Your Board!

We have been talking about Nicole, the NGO fundraiser who is doing her 120% to raise the necessary funds for the integration and further education of highly-educated refugees in Europe. Nicole and her organisation are very passionate about upholding the dignity of all people and creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of their circumstances. [...]

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#2 Change Your Fundraising Approach!

The only thing that is constant is Change. However, change doesn’t always occur immediately. It often requires a process. And processes inherently require time to manifest the change they bring about In our article, "We Have No Money to Raise Money!" - Fundraising Revisited for the Non For Profit Sector. I told you about [...]

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Take the Leaky Bucket Assessment developed by Ellen Bristol

This article refers to a free service by Ellen Bristol who is a “knoweldge” partner of Your Funding Network. Find out where your fundraising springs a leak. You may be leaving money on the table, spending more than you need, to get less than you want. Which is your "bucket"? The Leaky Bucket Assessment is [...]

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#0 We Have No Money to Raise Money!

Fundraising revisited for the Not For Profit sector What if I told you that fundraising was like making pickles? You’ve probably already raised one of your eyebrows, but it’s the truth. You can’t put a baby cucumber in vinegar and expect it to turn into a pickle overnight. Pickles take time to [...]

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Contextualizing Organizational Development in Historical Cycles

The article by historian Tobias Stone titled "History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump" is among the very few worth-reading articles I have read more than once. It very eloquently elaborates on the historical circles through which the humanity passes. The parallel observation for me is the close relation between [...]

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Develop Your Case to Inform and Shape all Your Fundraising Activities

This article is by Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE (The Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive) who is a “knoweldge” partner of Your Funding Network. Sometimes development professionals only think about the importance of having a case for support when they are preparing to launch a capital campaign. However, you need a case for support for all your [...]

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