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Develop Your Case to Inform and Shape all Your Fundraising Activities

Sometimes development professionals only think about the importance of having a case for support when they are preparing to launch a capital campaign. However, you need a case for support for all your fundraising activities. The reason for having the case in place before creating any materials—brochure, website, grant proposals, speeches, PowerPoints, DVDs, and [...]

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A New Wave in Consulting

So, what are the latest trends in consulting? Well, most clients are seeing less of a need for “resident consulting.” Many organizations have more professional staff, less money, less time to spend with a consultant, or some combination of these three. Therefore, there may not be a need to engage a consultant that will [...]

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Who Needs a Strategic Plan? You Do!

Linda Lysakowski ACFRE Whether you are a small business, a major corporation, or a nonprofit organization, you need a strategic plan. Businesses, and sometimes nonprofits, may refer to this as a business plan, and the two concepts are very close. What makes the plan strategic is that you will identify strategies to help meet [...]

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Do You Need a Written Development Plan?

How many times has a well-meaning board member or volunteer come to one of your board meetings and offered this sage advice—“We should do a (golf tournament, gala dinner dance, art auction, walkathon, etc., etc.) because (the scouts, the hospital, a local church, etc., etc.) did one and raised $100,000?” Before the meeting ends, [...]

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Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

2018 marks the 5th Anniversary of Your Funding Network – it’s a privilege to celebrate this milestone with the following announcement: It is with great honor and pleasure to announce that Your Funding Network has been recognized as one of the partners of Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation. The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation [...]

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The movements and springs over the last couple of years in MENA region has attracted the attention of almost everyone in the world; yet, the impact of these movements on democracy and human rights is not significant. “Beyond Revolution: The Future of Women’s Rights and Democracy in the Middle East-North Africa” is looking at this [...]

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There are no excuses! If you have a good a fundraiser, she/he would raise funds for your cause regardless of the circumstances…are you looking for the one who truly takes the responsibility?! I read an article by Reinier Spruit. Reinier is the founder and currently works for Greenpeace International.  The title of his article is [...]

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It might be confusing, but definitely not difficult. I am talking about the first steps. If you do not know where to start, the best way is to just sign up for few webinars! It is indeed as simple as reading these lines! Thanks to organizations such as GiftWorks you can always find number of free [...]

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