We are the professionals which make sure you find the amount of funding you need, in time. Ever since Somaye Dehban founded Your Funding Network in 2013, we have served our clients based on their specific projects, target audience, network and prospective donors. Your Funding Network provides tailor-made solutions to your fundraising needs.

We are an independent and creative group of proposal writers, strategists, crowdfunding experts, EU and USAID specialists etc. to support you on your fundraising project needs. We have a wide network of donors across Europe and the United States. We focus on clients and projects with a social and environmental impact. Transparency and sustainability are the core of our organisation. Our clients share our values of equality, inclusion and diversity.

Somaye Dehban the founder of Your Funding Network is a strategic connector and professional networker. She brings 15 years of experience in Public Relations, and 7 years of fundraising for non-profit and start-up companies. Somaye is known to bring together the right groups, as well as designing and developing programs that are scale-able and sustainable.